What ideas do you believe in?

In 1956 Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley, the Astronomer Royal, referred to the possibility of space travel as ‘utter blige’, effectively dismissing the potential and refusing to believe in the idea. Fortunately others didn’t share his feelings and had the vision to grow the concept. One year later Sputnik 1 was launched; five years later the Apollo programme started; thirteen years later man walked on the moon. History is dotted with similar stories of ideas labelled as impossible, but which with the right support were able to flourish.

This is the concept behind the animated digital launch of the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire. Going live this week, the short clip illustrates the story behind the development of space travel, illustrating how all pioneering ideas are rooted in risk and doubt.

Through the Innovation programme we hope to provide the necessary support to overcome these initial concerns, and provide businesses with a tailored package to achieve their ambitions, whether that be testing a new product, developing a more efficient process or improving a current service. Innovation vouchers, proof of concept grant funding, internships and a dedicated CPD programme can provide small to medium enterprises within Greater Lincolnshire with the means to innovate their business leading to new and exciting developments.

We want to take those seedling ideas that you believe in from blige to brilliant.