MRC/NHS: Efficiency Mechanism Evaluation Programme

The EME Programme is accepting applications to its commissioned workstream for the following topics:

If interested:

  1. Check – does your innovation fit within the specific research area above and do your evaluation plans fit within the remit of the EME commissioned work stream?
  2. Suggest – if it doesn’t, keep an eye on the NIHR website for future calls or submit a suggestion for a future call, or consider applying through our researcher led work stream.
  3. Collaborate and plan – if it does, great!  Now establish a strong collaboration with an academic unit and / or NHS organisation and/or industry and start to prepare your bid with them using the information on the EME website and their expertise.
  4. Submit an outline proposal with your collaborators to the relevant call.


In order to help you with your application, a webinar will run for each topic on the following dates.

  • 13/160 Passive and bioactive implantable medical devices
    20 March 2014 11:30am  to 12:15pm
  • 13/179 Microbial therapies to treat gastrointestinal disease
    20 January 2014 3:00pm to 3:45pm

Register for a webinar

More information on how to apply, the EME remit, the commissioning briefs and application deadlines can be found on the EME commissioned call webpage.

*Researcher-led call for proposals*

The EME Programme is also accepting applications to its researcher-led workstream. Applicants are invited to apply by 1pm on 27 February 2014. More information on how to apply can be found on the EME researcher-led call webpage.