Identifying important research questions: Have your say!

HealthThrough the commissioned workstream, the HTA Programme identifies and prioritises NHS evidence needs and advertises calls for research proposals to address these.
In order to identify important research questions the HTA consult widely with stakeholders within the NHS and NIHR, external organisations representing health professionals and patients and carers and, with policy-makers. If you have a suggestion, please visit the HTA website and complete the electronic research suggestion form.

What makes a good research question?

• Important to the NHS
• Focused on patients, clinical outcomes and quality of life
• Supported by current evidence (e.g. a systematic review)
• Timely, so that the research will continue to be needed following completion of the study
• Structured to provide a clear, well defined research question (e.g. using the PICO format)
If you would like to find out about opportunities for getting involved in identifying topics for HTA research, please contact Faye Gowing or call her on 02380 597701.

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