Strange Tales from the Past: Lincoln research student Cory Santos writes weekly column for the Lincolnite

University of Lincoln PhD student and historian Cory Santos.

University of Lincoln PhD student and historian Cory Santos.

A second year Lincoln doctoral student is writing a series of columns for news and events website the Lincolnite about some of the quirkier and lesser known moments of local history.

Cory Santos, a native of Rhode Island who joined the School of History in 2011, has so far explored the odd betting practices of former MP Colonel Sibthorp, whose full-speed, four-horse carriage descent of Steep Hill in the nineteenth century led to the council’s installation of the safety railings that we see today. Cory’s latest column explores the history of the railway’s arrival in Lincoln and the drastic effects that this had on the shaping and re-shaping of the High Street over the past century.

Having completed his BA in History at Chapman University, California, in 2007, Cory moved to the UK to complete his MA in British History at the University of Leeds. Finding an appreciation for the culture and history of his adopted country, Cory came to Lincoln to further his research in conscientious objection in Second World War Britain – researching how popular perceptions of conscientious objectors were formed and how these have changed over time.

In addition to his thesis, Cory has also found time to begin a research interest in the local history of Lincoln and the county as a whole:

‘I have always had a fascination with the quirky facts and stories of various places, as they really help to breathe life into an area. During my time in the UK I have discovered many interesting tales and bits of information, and through my partnership with the Lincolnite, I have been given the chance to share them with the wider community.’

Cory’s work with the Lincolnite provides an exciting opportunity for a University of Lincoln doctoral student to publish inspired and engaging research to the broadest of audiences. His next column will be out on the Lincolnite next week.