Head of pharmacy looks to the future

Dr Paul F Grassby, Head of SchoolDr Paul Grassby writes about the future training needs for community pharmacists, in this month’s edition of P3 Magazine.

As the new School of Pharmacy is set to produce its first registered pharmacists by 2020, Dr Grassby writes about the need to develop a new curriculum that focusses on personalised care.

In the article for P3 Magazine, Dr Grassby says many products and services will have to be customised to individuals’ wants and needs.

He says: “Prescribing decisions in a future based on personalised care will be highly complex and require a skilled practitioner.

“These practitioners will need to be adept at understanding the science of how medicines interact with the body, and how the body interacts with them.

“They will need the ability to communicate and work with patients to ascertain and evaluate the impact of their individual patient factors – to correctly determine the right course of treatment for them and to skilfully optimise their care.”

This is exactly the type of pharmacy graduate the University of Lincoln will be producing in the years ahead.

To read the full article go to http://www.p3pharmacy.co.uk/emagazines/P3Jan13/#/16/

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Marie Daniels, PR Officer