Lincoln School of Journalism leads the way in Leveson debate

Professor Richard Lance KeebleThe University of Lincoln’s School of Journalism is leading the debate surrounding the fall-out from the much-anticipated Leveson Report on press standards.

The Acting Head of the Lincoln School of Journalism, Professor Richard Lance Keeble, has been called upon to provide key commentary across international media titles, while Siren FM hosted expert debate and captured a wide range of opinions throughout the build-up and reaction to Thursday’s historic announcement.

Recognised as a leading commentator on media principles and holding the post of Director for the Institute of Communication Ethics, Professor Keeble was invited to provide expert analysis for BBC Lincolnshire and he also contributed specialist commentary for international media titles, such as the leading Norwegian publication, Klassekampen.

Commenting on the Leveson Report, he said: “There has been a massive, predictable hype around the publication of the report but my view is that it will ultimately change very little – whether press regulation is completely independent or underpinned by law. The real problem lies in the monopoly ownership structures of the mainstream press and until those are tackled there will be no real improvements in ethical standards.”

Professor Keeble was also a guest speaker throughout Siren FM’s special report into the outcome of the Leveson Inquiry. Based at the University of Lincoln, the community radio station drew on the array of academic expertise within the Lincoln School of Journalism, throughout two feature-length programmes.

Hosted by Managing Editor Andrew David, and with immediate reaction from Professors Brian Winston and John Tulloch, Lincoln MP Karl McCartney, former editor of the Lincolnshire Echo Jon Grubb, and many other academics and practitioners, the shows provided expert insight into the report’s recommendations.

The guest appearances, together with live coverage of the announcement from Lord Justice Leveson and statements from David Cameron and Nick Clegg, provided listeners with access to developments and commentary throughout the day.

Deborah Wilson, Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Journalism and producer for Siren FM, commented on the success of the shows.

She said: “It’s been a year since Lord Justice Leveson opened the hearings which have formed the focal point of the inquiry into press ethics following the phone hacking scandal. The announcement was much-anticipated, so we were delighted to be able to provide the Siren FM listeners with up-to-the-minute developments, reaction and debate on what has proven to be a historic day within the media industry.

“Here at Siren FM we are ideally situated to benefit from the University’s academics and their prestigious international expertise on journalism standards and ethics. With Lincoln’s unique links to the Magna Carta, which along with freedom of speech represents the cornerstone of modern democracy; Lord Justice Leveson’s announcement was also particularly relevant to the city.

“It was therefore important for us to be at the forefront of the day’s media coverage, and we are now extremely interested to observe how the report’s recommendations develop.”

Siren FM will be featuring ongoing coverage of the Leveson Report, which can be heard at 107.3fm and online at Professor Keeble also hosts the station’s Behind the Headlines programme every Tuesday between 10-11am, with Tuesday 4th December’s show devoted to reaction following the Leveson Report.

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