HEA: impact of the shifting UK higher education landscape on learning and teaching

Higher Education Academy logoThe Higher Education Academy (HEA) invites applications for its impact of the shifting UK higher education landscape on learning and teaching call.

This seeks to understand, discuss and debate the impact of the recent changes in UK higher education policy on learning, teaching and the student experience in HE. Strands relating to this theme include:

1. How has the status of teaching changed in institutions in the context of an increased emphasis on teaching excellence in national HE policy?

2. What impact have reforms had on institutions’ overall curriculum design and programme provision?

3. Are there any early signs that the diversification and reconfiguration of higher education providers is resulting in an improved student learning experience?

4. How have changes to student number controls, and fees and student support changed the student profile and what impact is this having on the student learning environment?

5. What is the impact of the availability of enhanced information for students about HE and HEIs? Are students receiving the best information to inform their choices? What is the impact on students’ expectations? Are initiatives such as the KIS having an impact on academic freedom?

6. Transitions into undergraduate education from schools and colleges and returning adult learners.

7. The changing nature of postgraduate study. Higher undergraduate fees seem to be affecting the take-up of postgraduate study and student demographics. How, if at all, are curriculum and supporting learning for postgraduate taught provision changing as a result?

The total amount of funding available is £50,000 and project proposals of up to £20,000 are invited.

The deadline for this call is 14 January 2013.

Please visit the HEA website for further information, or see the call documents below:

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