Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

The Natural Environment Research Council invites applications for its standard research grants. This is an open competition for curiosity-motivated basic, strategic or applied research. Grants provide a minimum of £65,000 and a maximum of £1.2 million for directly incurred costs.

  • Closing date 04 Dec 12
  • Deadline information Applications due by 4pm. Deadlines on: 4 December 2012, 3 July 2013, and repeated annually.
  • Date added 07 Dec 10
  • Award type Grants – undirected
  • Award amount max £1,200,000
  • Award amount min £65,000
  • Award budget total
  • Applications per institution
  • Consortium requirements Not Known

Eligibility Profile

  • Nationality of applicant institution United Kingdom
  • Nationality of researcher Not Known
  • Type of institution Not Known
  • Sponsor involvement Funding

Indexed with these disciplines

Environmental Design & Technology; Sustainable Resource Use; Environmental Engineering; Atmospheric Sciences; Climate Models; Climate Variation & Change; Polar Meteorology; Biological Diversity; Earth Sciences; Environmental Studies; Air Pollution; Environmental Biology; Environmental Chemistry; Environmental Effects; Environmental Geography; Environmental Hazards, Forecasting; Environmental Impact, Health Effects; Environmental Impact, Integrated Technologies; Fresh Water Ecology; Land Pollution; Natural Resources, Use of; Water Pollution; Marine & Ocean Sciences; Arctic Sciences; Natural Sciences; Energy Environmental Sciences; Ecology, Terrestrial; Biological Sciences (RAE Unit 14); Chemistry (RAE Unit 18); Physics (RAE Unit 19); Earth Sciences (RAE Unit 20); Environmental Sciences (RAE Unit 21); Chemical Engineering (RAE Unit 27); Civil Engineering (RAE Unit 28); Electrical and Electronic Engineering (RAE Unit 29); Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering (RAE Unit 30); Town and Country Planning (RAE Unit 34); Geography (RAE Unit 35); Pollution Prevention; Technology