Open Access Week: Royal Society Publishing content FREE to access until 29 November 2012

Open AccessNow entering its sixth year, Open Access Week is a global event bringing together the academic and research community, helping to inspire wider participation in online academia and learn about the potential benefits of Open Access.

There has never been a better time to catch up on our latest articles, explore our archive and share the very best research articles with peers. Recent highlighted content includes the Philosophical Transactions B issue “Impacts of global environmental change on drylands: from ecosystem structure and functioning to poverty alleviation” and the issue “Chemistry, astronomy and physics of H3+” fromPhilosophical Transactions A . The content of Royal Society Publishing Journals include over 68,000 articles to date.

As usual Royal Society Publishing will be participating in this annual event by allowing free access to all of their content, giving access to view around 68,000 articles as part of the deal. In addition, this year their free access period, which started on the 19th October, will be extended until 29 November 2012.