Experimental Psychology Society Grants for Study Visits

The Experimental Psychology Society has issued an invitation for applications for its grants for study visits.

This scheme aims to help finance postgraduate and postdoctoral research in experimental psychology (as defined by the content of The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology).

Awards will pay for travel to and accommodation at another institution outside an individual’s academic base. The purpose of the visit is to develop the applicant’s research skills, and may involve learning at first hand about experimental procedures employed in the host laboratory, or designing and running studies that cannot already be carried out in the applicant’s home department. Awards will not be granted for work which forms an integral part of an existing Ph.D research project, nor for work which would normally be funded by other bodies (e.g. the applicant’s award-granting body or home institution). Applicants must be (a) registered for a Ph.D. or (b) postdoctoral workers who received their Ph.D within the previous five years. Applicants may be of any nationality. It is a further condition of the award that either the researcher’s home institution or the institution to be visited, or both, must be in the UK.  Preference will be given to applicants supervised by an EPS member.

Applicants who are funded by a Research Council, departmental or other studentship, or a research grant, are expected to seek funding towards the visit from these sources before applying to EPS, or to explain why they are not able to do so.

Grants will be for a maximum of £1200 to any individual. In addition, the Society will, on receipt of appropriate invoices, reimburse the institution visited by the student for actual costs incurred as a consequence of the visit up to a maximum of £100.

For more information please visit the EPS website.