National Science Foundation/EPSRC Chemistry proposals 2012

The Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are currently inviting investigators in the U.K. and U.S. to form collaborative transatlantic partnerships and submit bi-lateral projects in chemistry:

For the past five years, the Physical Sciences Programme of EPSRC has participated in the National Science Foundation (NSF) solicitation entitled: “International Collaboration in Chemistry between US Investigators and their Counterparts Abroad (ICC)”. This year EPSRC will not be participating in the 2012 ICC solicitation, however we still wish to offer US and UK investigators the opportunity to collaborate. Instead, this year, US investigators who wish to collaborate with UK investigators may still do so by submitting an unsoliciated proposal to the Division of Chemistry during the window for proposal submission to the Division. Information on the submission windows can be found on the NSF Division of Chemistry’s website.

Applications submitted in this way will be reviewed in the same manner as the ICC proposals. If an award is made, the NSF will fund the US and the EPSRC will fund the UK part.

Proposals should be submitted to the NSF by the closing date. The closing date will depend on which Division of Chemistry’s program the proposal will be submitted to, it will either be the 01 October 2012 or 31 October 2012. More information on the closing dates can be found at the link above.

Proposals submitted to this initiative must fall within the remit covered by the NSF’s Division of Chemistry and should also be within the remit of the EPSRC Physical Sciences programme.

Through this initiative we seek new and highly innovative collaborative projects that break new ground, make use of unique resources and capabilities in participating countries and demonstrate a high level of synergy between the collaborating investigators. Formation of new collaborations is strongly encouraged.

For the full details, and timeline of submission, please visit the call page on the EPSRC website: