BBSRC joint call with NSF for an Ideas Lab on Nitrogen: Improving on nature

The Bioscience and Biotechnology Research Council (BBSRC) have launched a call for expression of interests to participate in an “Ideas Lab”, an interactive BBSRC/NSF workshop which aims to develop radical new ideas about how to increase nitrogen availability to crop plants without use of artificial fertiliser. The BBSRC would like to bring researchers from a variety of disciplines together to work on this activity, so would like to encourage chemists, physicists, computer scientists, engineers etc. to apply to participate in the Ideas Lab.

The five day interactive Ideas Lab Workshop will be held at Crewe Hall, near Crewe, from 03-07 December 2012.

For further details on how to apply to participate and more information on the Ideas Lab, please visit Nitrogen: improving on nature at the BBSRC website.