Energy Efficient Buildings Online Brokerage and Information Webinar

An online brokerage event for Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) will take place on 18 June for those interested in finding out more about the upcoming calls.

This online event gives those interested the opportunity to get an early view of the upcoming calls in advance of the PPP information days in July 2012, as well as interacting with potential partners.

Marta Fernandez, from the E2B Association (E2BA) and Associate Director of Global Research at Arup, and Olaf Adan, Principal Scientist at TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), will introduce the potential 2012 call themes based on the multiannual roadmap. Call topics are currently being finalised and this year will amount to EUR 220 million.

Those who would like to present their own project ideas as part of the webinar can fill in the details during the registration process which is mandatory as places will be limited.

Registration Page.