EPSRC Research Data Management Roadmap

As part of their Policy Framework on Research Data, the EPSRC have requested that all institutions in receipt of their funding develop a clear roadmap for research data management, which should be implemented by May 1st 2015. At the University of Lincoln, the Orbital project is a vehicle for this work and we expect much of the infrastructure (technical, policy and training) to be identified and piloted by April 2013.

The following is a draft policy statement which indicates our intent. We have also examined the EPSRC’s expectations and considered them in light of guidance offered by the Digital Curation Centre. This document should be understood in the context of the Orbital Project Plan, which sets out our aims and objectives until April 2013 and beyond.

The University of Lincoln Research Data Management Policy (draft)

  1. The University of Lincoln recognises that the curation and sharing of research data is key to its mission to create knowledge. Research data is a key asset. Its correct management brings benefits to the university, its members and the public through greater opportunities for access and re-use.
  2. This policy sets out the university’s expectations for the management of research data across all academic disciplines and in all forms.
  3. The development of this policy aims to satisfy the requirements of researchers, funding and statutory bodies and commercial partners, that research data will be managed to the highest standards throughout the research data lifecycle. The University recognises and supports the UK Research Councils’ mandates for data curation and sharing.
  4. Principal Investigators (PI) are required to consider data creation, management or sharing in the development of their research proposals and grant applications. All new research proposals must include research data management plans that explicitly address data capture, management, integrity, confidentiality, retention, sharing and publication.
  5. Staff can expect to receive training, guidance and support from Research & Enterprise Development and the Library for the development of research data management plans and their implementation.
  6. In accordance with the Research Council’s timeframes for preserving access to research outputs, Principal Investigators should record the existence of research data upon creation and deposit it according to their plan (often within six months of publication of research findings). The University will preserve access for as long as specified by the data management plan (which can be up to ten years after it was last accessed). Any data which is retained elsewhere, for example in an international data service or domain repository, should be registered with the University.
  7. Research metadata will be published for permanent citation alongside conventional outputs e.g. journal articles and conference papers. Open access to research data will be granted under appropriate safeguards according to conditions and timeframes specified by researchers, commercial partners and funding bodies. The University will support this through the provision of a data repository. Conditions for the licensing of research data must be made in consultation with Research & Enterprise Development.
  8. The Library and ICT Services will provide the infrastructure and expertise for long-term curation, preservation and access to research data. This will include mechanisms and services for storage, backup, registration, deposit and retention of research data assets in support of current and future access, during and after completion of research projects.
  9. Costs to meet the specific requirements of data management plans should be included in grant applications, where permitted. The University will develop appropriate plans for meeting the costs of long-term storage, preservation and curation of research data.
  10. This policy will be reviewed jointly by the Research & Enterprise Development and Library on an annual basis. Recommendations for amendment will be submitted to the appropriate management committee. Research & Enterprise Development will monitor compliance with this and other related policies, and the effect of such policies on the operation of the University. This policy should be considered alongside other university policies e.g. research ethics, IP policy, and disciplinary procedures.

The current version of this document is maintained here.

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