What Effects Do Diet and Exercise Have on Blood Circulation?

University of Lincoln research fellow, Dr. Markos Klonizakis, is carrying out a research study on the effects of nutrition and exercise on human microvascular function. This is important in preventing recurrence of common diseases such as varicose veins and chronic leg ulcers (which are relatively rare in the general population but get increasingly common with age).

This innovative pilot study has an 8-week duration and is a collaboration between the School of Health and Social Care and the School of Sport, Coaching and Exercise Science at the University of Lincoln, taking place at the University’s Sports Centre.

The aim of the research is to assess the combined effects of nutrition and treadmill exercise on the microvasculature, and in particular to clarify the mechanisms by which lower limb exercise can improve the function of the endothelium – the layer of cells which line the internal walls of blood vessels. Previous research by Dr. Klonizakis and his team has shown that exercise can have a positive effect, and this study will increase our understanding of this process. It is anticipated that this will lead to a larger research project which could eventually lead to improvements in treatment for people with conditions such as varicose veins or chronic leg ulceration.

There are a few spaces left for participants, so if you’re over 50 and don’t have any major health problems please get in touch with Dr. Klonizakis for further details.

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