Kultivate Project – Archiving and Curation workshop

With views across London, Marie-Therese Gramstadt, Project Officer for the Kultur II Group, welcomed colleagues to the third Kultivate workshop on 23 March 2011, at HEFCE Centrepoint.

It was announced that the Kultivate Project team had recruited a software developer, James Snyder, to undertake the enhancements, to EPrints software, that were originally discussed at the 11 January 2011 technical workshop.

Ruth Maclennan presented an archive of her collaborative, event-based art project ‘Archway Polytechnic’.

Stephen Gray, Project Manager at CAiRO (Curating Artistic Research Output), gave a talk on the background of ‘CAiRO,’ and discussed Research Arts Data.  It was noted some collections are not available digitally, and the digital collections that are available, maybe offline.  Currently there is no national subject centre for creative arts research data.

This was followed by a workshop facilitated by Stephen, giving all members the opportunity to deposit, and manage some innovative arts research data, to EPrints and Omeka software packages.

After lunch, there were two further presentations.  Michael Schwab, Editor, Journal of Artistic Research, gave talk on the journal’s ‘Research Catalogue‘, which is a searchable, documentary database of artistic research work.  Followed by Laura Molloy, a Preservation Researcher from the University of Glasgow, presenting an ‘Artist’s Perspective on Self-archiving and Preservation,’.

The next Kultivate event will take place on 24 May 2011, and will include a metadata workshop.