HEFCE Updates REF Timetable

HEFCE recently issued an update to the REF timetable. This follows two other recent updates confirming panel members and the weighting of impact. This latest update specifies the census date and closing date for submissions among other things. You can read all of our REF related updates by searching for the REF tag on this blog.

November 2010

Publication of reports on the REF impact pilot exercise

February 2011

Panel membership announced

March 2011

Publication of ‘Decisions on assessing research impact‘ (REF 01.2011)
April 2011

Publication of guidance to panels on developing their criteria and working methods and equalities briefing for panels
July 2011

Publication of guidance on submissions
July 2011

Publication of draft panel criteria and working methods for consultation
Summer 2011

Consultation on panel criteria and working methods, including workshops for research users to input into the impact criteria
October 2011

Close of consultation on panel criteria and working methods
January 2012

Publication of panel criteria and working methods
Autumn 2012

Pilot of the submissions system
January 2013

Invitation to HEIs to make submissions; release submission system and manuals
Spring 2013

Survey of HEIs’ submission intentions
31 July 2013

End of assessment period (for research impacts, the research environment and data about research income and PGR students)
Autumn 2013

Appointment of additional assessors to panels (research users and practicing researchers)
31 October 2013

Census date for staff eligible for selection
29 November 2013

Closing date for submissions
31 Dececember 2013

End of publication period (cut-off point for publication of research outputs, and for outputs underpinning impact case studies)

Panels assess submissions
December 2014

Publication of outcomes
Spring 2015 Publication of submissions, panel overview reports and sub-profiles

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