Kultivate Project

Kultivate is a JISC-funded project which is creating a model of an institutional repository for use in the creative and applied arts.

While institutional repositories are proficient in managing text-based research such as articles, books, and theses, they are not yet attuned to the requirements of images and time-based media.  The Kultivate project aims to change this by creating a flexible multimedia repository that will be able to showcase a wide range of outputs, from digital versions of painting, photography, film, graphic and textile design, to records of performances, shows and installations. 

The first community-led Kultivate technical workshop was arranged for 11 January 2011.  Each institution was asked to create a Powerpoint slide and an accompanying two minute presentation about one desired improved to Eprints that would benefit our institution/and or wider community regarding arts research deposit.  The Lincoln Repository team explained if an artist had created a brooch for example, and this was recorded as being in an artefact, exhibition, article, or a teaching resource, it would be useful if we could link all of these records together.  Several of the other institutions also suggested this during their presentations. 

During the afternoon there was an Advisory Group Meeting, where the aims and objectives of the Kultivate project were discussed, as well as the role of the Advisory Group.     

The next Kultivate workshop has been arranged for Monday 28 February 2011. 

The presentations from Tuesday’s workshop, are available on this link: