Lincoln Repository Doubles in Size

The Lincoln Repository has hit yet another milestone: doubling in size to 2,000 items in the first half of 2010.

As Paul Stainthorp and Joss Winn have already commented, this high growth rate is due in no small part to the dedicated work of the Repository team. Bev, Jill and Rosaline’s work in promotion, advocacy and training of staff – not to mention cataloguing and checking the deposited material – has been outstanding.

The ROAR (Register of Open Access Repositories) graph shows the dramatic rise in deposits since new staffing arrangements were finalised in late 2009.

ROAR: Lincoln Repository deposit graph

ROAR also confirms that the Lincoln Repository is now in the top 50 open access institutional repositories in the UK in terms of numbers of deposits.

For any staff who aren’t sure how they can take advantage of the Lincoln Repository, Rosaline and the Brayford Library team are continuing to run sessions throughout August. Please send an e-mail to for further details.