British Library: Growing Knowledge – The Evolution of Research

The British Library recently advertised a forthcoming exhibition – Growing Knowledge – showcasing new and innovative research tools and techniques:

Researchers are at a crossroads. The digital age has thrown open the doors and created access to the oceans of information in the world’s great libraries.

Now researchers are transforming what can be done. The ability to combine different data types has led to new collaborative research methods and models of dissemination.

New digital research tools will create new ways of working and new outputs.

Growing Knowledge will inform and inspire today’s researchers, consult and engage with them, demonstrate the value of investment in digital research tools, and spark a debate on the future of research.

Visit the exhibition at the British Library. This interactive and inspirational space will display and demonstrate some of the most innovative and exciting tools, technologies and services, such as:

• Advanced audio search tools

• Exploration of maps using advanced geospatial technologies

• Manipulation of content across multiple media to allow the creation of new material while retaining the original metadata

• Collaborative exploration of a digital copy of the Garibaldi Panorama, an enormous hand-painted scroll 5 feet high and 30 feet longer than a jumbo jet

We will be giving you the same access to many of these tools and content over the web, so you will also be able to experience the exhibition online — or continue your guided journey here if you have already visited it in the building.

To help us continue to support research in the future we will be asking visitors to tell us what they think about these tools and technologies, and the Library’s vision for its digital research future.

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