New Features on Research Professional

Research Professional has recently announced the introduction of several new features which are available to Networked level subscribers.

These features include:

Email items to all members of a group.
When emailing items using the ‘Email’ button in the action bar, administrators and workgroup editors can select from a list of workgroups and get the selected items emailed to all current members of that workgroup or groups.

Remember me.
When logging in, users can check the box for ‘Remember me’. This will keep them logged in, meaning that they don’t have to log in every time they visit the site – unless of course they have chosen to log out.

Consortium requirements.
Funding opportunities now display whether a consortium is required to apply for the opportunity, both in the search listings, using an icon, and when viewing the item.

Setting searches as alerting when saving.
When saving a search (or bookmarking a shared resource) users now have the option to automatically set up alerts on that search, using the ‘Save and Alert’ button available in the Save search pop-up window (For shared resources, this button is ‘Shortcut and Alert’).

Sponsor name search criterion.
When searching for funding opportunities using the ‘Sponsor name’ criterion, users can now search using sponsor acronym.

Indexing: Geography and History terms
Over the coming week, the Research Professional Funding Team will be making some alterations to the set of disciplines used in the funding database. This will affect funding opportunities related to Geography and History, and will mean that searches for ‘Geography’ are less likely to return opportunities that are more specifically relevant to ‘History’. If you experience any problems with one of your saved searches please contact Research professional who will be able to help you to set up alternatives.

If you have any comments or feedback on these new features, please let Research Professional know, either directly by email ( or using the feedback forum.