UK Launches Major Food Research Strategy

food2030-logoThe food research strategy, unveiled by the UK Chief Scientific Adviser John Beddington,  involves collaboration between government departments, research councils (particularly BBSRC), industry and charities. The strategy aims to establish an “integrated community of researchers” across the UK to tackle food security and related research topics.

UK Cross-Government Food Research Strategy (PDF)

Relevant initiatives include:

  • a new multi-partner food security research programme, co-ordinated by BBSRC and delivered jointly with relevant Research Councils and government departments, and including close engagement with industry and the third sector. Key aims include strengthening research coordination and partnerships, building a more integrated community of researchers, funders and users that extends across disciplines, organisations and sectors, to provide multi-disciplinary research to ensure a sustainable and secure food system; [Section 6.6]
  • a new Technology Strategy Board led Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform, co-funded by Defra and BBSRC with up to £90M over 5 years, to fund innovative technological research and development in areas such as crop productivity, sustainable livestock production, waste reduction and management, and greenhouse gas reduction; [Section 6.6]
  • to exploit opportunities in the European Research Area through co-ordination mechanisms such as ERA-NETs and Joint Programmes, and collaboration through the Research and Technology Development (RTD) Framework Programme more generally; [Section 6.6]
  • a new BBSRC Advanced Training Partnership scheme to provide a range of specialist high level training (masters, professional doctorate and continuous professional development) to meet industry needs in partnership with the higher and further education sectors; [Section 7.4]