Africa Caribbean Pacific Science and Technology Programme

UK Research Office has news of a scheme which will fund networks, establish research-industry links and engage in relevant policy consultation.

The ACP (Africa Caribbean Pacific) Science and Technology Programme will facilitate the creation or strengthening of frameworks for regional and sub-regional co-operation, and of inter-institutional co-operation in the ACP region in the field of science and technology. The aim will be to build stronger links between ACP countries and international-level networks in various areas, detailed below.

Themes to be funded include:

  • Quality health care with special attention both to traditional and biodiversity dependent community medicines and to the development taking place in biotechnology;
  • Environment research activities addressing climatic variability, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, desertification and rising sea levels as well as issues associated with upgrading and mainstreaming of appropriate indigenous technology and establishing efficient mechanisms for access to and the adaptation of appropriate foreign technology;
  • Energy with special attention to renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy;
  • Transport addressing transport congestion, air pollution and accidents;
  • Agriculture and agro industry addressing food productivity and security, adding value to agro products and encouraging a stronger participation by farmers in production and post-harvest management;
  • Sustainable trade in order to increase investments, encourage development in  the private sector and improve the trading capacity of ACP Member States.

A call for proposals will be issued in the very near future. Proposals will need to consist of partnerships between ACP actors (universities, research organisations, government and public bodies) and similar bodies in EU member states or associated countries. Full details are given at the link above.