Explore Funding for Research and Innovation for Food Security

Global food securityBy 2050 the world population is expected to rise over 9 billion, placing increased pressure on research institutions to provide the industry with new solutions to feed the world population and to develop more sustainable food systems. Accordingly, the government is committed to making the UK a global leader in key areas of agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability with investments of £160 million into the Agri-Tech Strategy and £75 million from the Technology Strategy Board.

The event ‘Working Together to Achieve Global Food Security’, taking place on Thursday, 18th September 2014 (9am – 4.30pm) in Central London, will give a detailed insight into the July 2013 ‘UK Agricultural Technologies Strategy’ and focus on ways how higher education institutions can access funding for research into agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability.

KEY SPEAKER – Technology Strategy Board

Ian Meikle, Head of Agriculture and Food at TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY BOARD will be speaking about funding research and innovation for food security in the UK and the £75 million of investment over the next five years for technological research and development.


– Promoting research done by institutes and university departments at the fore of scientific research on agriculture and agricultural technologies

– Working to effectively deliver the ‘UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies’ with targeted funding and stronger leadership

– Forging successful partnerships between academia and global organisations

– Raising awareness of innovative research within the agricultural and soil science communities that will play a major role in food security and sustainability



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