2nd International Symposium of Veterinary Ethology

SEEVAD is organising its second scientific symposium at Vetagro-Sup, the prestigious Veterinary School of Lyon; deeply involved in behavioural issues and at the international intersection of veterinarian exchanges. Internationally recognised scientific speakers will present on a diverse range of topics bringing exciting new research and knowledge to the area of “cognition & human-animal interactions”.

Scientific progress enables us to have a better understanding of how animal perceive their world and how they process such information. Such knowledge derived from innovative research enables us to have a better understanding of and approach to behavioural issues and disorders. Fundamental and applied ethology have benefited from cognitive studies.

High quality plenary sessions will introduce numerous research presentation complimented by a poster exhibition about the latest research in the field of companion animal behaviour.

A roundtable session on “What society is expecting from animals living close to humans as pets or for human entertainment” will bring together qualified speakers from different fields. Two student prizes will be awarded: for the best poster and the best talk. A reception ceremony under the gastronomic auspices of Lyon will bring us together on the Saturday night.

by Dr Franck PÉRON