Capturing User Requirements for Computational Science and Engineering Support and Service Provision for the next national HPC facility, ARCHER

Researchers interested in using a national high-performance computing facility are being encouraged to send in their requirements to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

EPSRC, on behalf of the other Research Councils, is managing the project to procure the next national HPC facility, ARCHER.

Earlier in the year, we captured the user hardware requirements for ARCHER and are grateful to all those who completed the user survey and/or attended the user requirements meeting.

We are now capturing the user requirements for the CSE support and service aspects of ARCHER and invite you to complete the survey to share your views – it will only take a few minutes. The deadline for completing the survey is 5th December 2012.

We strongly encourage all with an interest in using a national HPC facility to complete the survey to ensure that your requirements are captured.

ARCHER survey