Horizon 2020: Investing in Success

Horizon 2020 LogoThe European Commission has published a booklet on the Horizon 2020 website entitled ‘Investing in Success: Research and innovation to boost growth and jobs in Europe’.

Horizon 2020 will succeed the current Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Framework Programme 7 – in 2014. With a budget of around €80 billion Horizon 2020 will bring all EU research and innovation funding together under a single programme with three key objectives:

  • Excellent Science: Strengthening the EU’s position as world leader in science and attracting the best talents to work together acrossEurope;
  • Competitive Industries: Strengthening industrial leadership in innovation to getEurope back on the path to growth and job creation;
  • Better Society: Innovating to tackle societal challenges shared by all Europeans, across six key themes: Health, Demographic Change and well-being; Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy; Secure, clean and efficient energy; Smart, green and integrated transport; Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials; and Inclusive, innovative and secure societies.

The booklet  presents a number of EU projects which were funded through previous Framework Programmes grouped into the three key objectives of Horizon 2020.

The projects featured in ‘Investing for Success’ were selected from across a range of research fields, from a project taking inspiration from spider silk to revolutionise the treatment of joint injuries (Spidrex) to OPENAIR, a 47 partner project involving Dassault, Rolls Royce, Volvo Aero and EADS, which has made a major contribution to the aviation industry’s official goal of reducing aviation noise by 50% by 2020.

For further details of these fascinating projects, all of which will make a positive change to our daily lives, and for others looking at chocolate production, film technology, and lifesaving healthcare innovation please see the brochure.