Relocation of the UK Research Integrity Office

On the 6th December the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO), transferred from its host institution, Universities UK (UUK), amd became a company limited by guarantee. The UK Research Integrity Office Ltd. is now located in premises at the University of Sussex, but will remain a separate organisation and neither the change in status nor  relocation will compromise the confidential nature of UKRIO’s services.

UKRIO provides confidential, expert and independent advice to research organisations, researchers and the public about the conduct of research, in addition to producing published guidance on good research practice and investigating alleged misconduct. UKRIO is not a regulatory body and has no formal legal powers however the advice and guidance it offers reflect best practice in the conduct of research and addressing misconduct.

Over the past four years UKRIO has provided expert support for the research community and the public. This new development  is intended to strngthen its capacity and scope to serve all involved in research.

Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, Chair of UKRIO said:

“The level of cases that UKRIO is addressing, some 58 this year alone, demonstrates that there is a clear need for UKRIO’s services. Many universities and NHS Trusts now recommend UKRIO to their researchers as a source of expert advice, while our published standards have been adopted by research institutions and endorsed by professional bodies and research funders. We have therefore established UKRIO as a company limited by guarantee to build on UKRIO’s successes and continue to supply and develop the support that we currently provide, reflecting and reinforcing the core values and mission of UKRIO.”

There will be no break in the continuity of UKRIO’s services and it will continue to provide independant and confidential advice to researchers, research organisations and the public. For further information about UKRIO and its services, visit the website at