Research Databases in the Humanities: Where Next?

Research Databases in the Humanities: Where Next? is a workshop taking place on the afternoon of 21st January in Oxford. The event is part of a JISC-funded project, SUDAMIH (Supporting Data Management in the Humanities), which aims to address a coherent range of requirements for the more effective management of data within the Humanities at an institutional level:

What are the issues that researchers in the Humanities face when compiling data, and how can technology help or hinder? The workshop will look at the ways in which humanities researchers build, maintain, and preserve databases, along with the processes currently in place to support such activities. It will consider what tools could be developed to support the creation and use of research data, how data from different sources might be linked, and, where relevant, the role that public or private cloud services might play.

This workshop is primarily interested in the processes of creating databases for humanities research, rather than project outcomes. As such it will be of interest to humanities researchers who are working with or considering developing research databases and who wish to stay abreast of the latest developments and opportunities. It is also likely to appeal to technologists involved in the provision of research services. We hope to provide a forum in which ideas can be exchanged and new approaches to humanities data illustrated.

Please go to the event page for further details and to book a place.