Research Office Is On The Move!

The Research Office (including the Graduate School) is relocating to the Enterprise @ Lincoln building on 8th September. We are moving to Innovation Labs 1 and 2 which are on the first floor of the building.

Enterprise @ Lincoln Building

We will be closed on the 8th as furniture and files are moved across from EMMTEC. The office reopens on 9th September. Phone extensions will remain the same. We hope to keep disruption to a minimum but please be aware that there may be unavoidable delays due to the move.

Prof. Andrew Hunter took up his new role as Dean of Science, Technology and Engineering on 1st September. He and his PA, Tammie Farley, will remain in the EMMTEC building for the forseeable future. Glen Bowness remains Deputy Director of Research and currently heads up both the Research Office and Graduate School.

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