Interdisciplinary research on ‘People, Animals, Culture and Society’ – an opportunity for a pan-Univeristy research group

Bo by Joi Ito

A preliminary meeting is to be held on Wednesday 10th February at 2pm in the VC’s boardroom to discuss the potential interest in a pan-University research group feeding into the theme of ‘People, Animals, Culture and Society’

The theme could impact on any field, for example:

* The social and legal implications of the emergence of “status dogs”
* The use of animals in the media / marketing
* Accommodating pet owners in the urban environment to build social capital
* The economic impact of animals on society
* The impact of pets on social cohesion within the community
* Design of animal housing

The meeting will start with an introduction and brief overview of the project – what makes it different to other groups around the world and why Lincoln can offer something special. Then there will be presentations by a few volunteers (5-15mins) outlining current or recent projects or ideas that fit within the theme. This will be followed by a discussion of emerging themes from the presentations, ending with a summary and action points for the next stage.

If you are interested in taking part, or would like to hear what others have to say, then please contact Professor Daniel Mills, ext. 5356 or email, indicating areas of interest and any work you may be currently involved in which fits within the theme.