Research Investment Fund (RIF)

The University is making available an annual £500k investment fund to assist academic staff with the development of new strategic research opportunities. The fund will seek to support our research infrastructure through PhD studentships, equipment and the pump-priming of new avenues of research in line with our strategic plan.

  • The University is making available an annual £500k investment fund to assist academic staff with the development of new strategic research opportunities. The fund will seek to support our research infrastructure through PhD studentships, equipment and the pump-priming of new avenues of research in line with our strategic plan.
  • Proposals are welcomed up to twice yearly, subject to funding, through a competitive process to support pump-priming of research including equipment
  • For 2013 this fund will also include support for proposals originating from the Research Sandpit

Proposals are welcome from all academic staff who require investment for new, innovative research that can be expected to lead to external funding opportunities, and particularly early career researchers (those within five years of receiving their doctorate) who can demonstrate that an award will enable them to develop individual fellowship or project grant proposals leading to high impact publications and providing a firm foundation for future grant proposals.


RIF is intended to support the development of strategic research projects and complements the existing small scale funding support available through School/College funds. Applications are welcome from academic staff across all disciplines in line with College strategies.

The following types of proposals will be considered:

  • Those that require pump-priming at the current stage of development, before they can be funded by an external sponsor;
  • Those where cross college, cross disciplinary research capacity is being expanded;
  • Those where a strategic case is made to build research capacity or resources, including equipment, that can be sustained after an initial period of development

If you intend to apply to RIF, or have any enquiries relating to application proceedures, please contact your College Research Officer, or Research & Income Generation Support at Research & Enterprise.

RCUK: UK Regenerative Medicine Platform

UK Regenerative Medicine PlatformThe Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) and Medical Research Council (MRC) are establishing a £25M UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) to address the technical and scientific challenges associated with translating promising scientific discoveries in this area towards clinical impact.

At its core, the first stage of funding supports interdisciplinary and complementary research hubs that together will provide a world-leading programme to promote the development of regenerative therapies by addressing key translational gaps. With the successful establishment of this Platform, up to £6.5M is now available to support second stage funding for the UKRMP to build on this initial investment in order to address specific human health needs.


Closing date for ‘intention to apply’ 16:00, 18 September 2013
Closing date for full application 16:00, 30 October 2013

The RC sponsors, in partnership with Arthritis Research UK and the Multiple Sclerosis Society are therefore inviting proposals to establish high quality, collaborative research groupings to address key challenges in translational regenerative medicine focused into particular diseases or physiological/organ systems with therapeutic potential. Up to £6.5M is available to support 4-5 successful bids.

Applications across all health areas are welcome, with the exception of cardiovascular disease. Proposals addressing arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions/rheumatology and multiple sclerosis are particularly encouraged, reflecting the key partnership with Arthritis Research UK and the MS Society in this call.

For further information on Stage II UK Regenerative Medicine Platform – Disease/Systems focused programmes, please contact Research and Income Generation Support at Research and Enterprise.

Call for Proposals: Sustainable Society: Achieving Work-Life Balance in a Digitally Dependent World

The EPSRC are inviting Expressions of Interest to participate in a virtual workshop (a Creativity Greenhouse) on the topic of Sustainable Society. This will take place in two stages, 04 and 05 July, and 10-13 July. This is a ‘virtual’ remote collaborative workshop, which will take place using 3D collaborative software.

The Research Councils’ Digital Economy Theme invites expressions of interest from eligible individuals to attend a virtual workshop (a Creativity Greenhouse) on the challenge area of ‘Sustainable Society’. The aim of the workshop is to:

  • stimulate new thinking in promising areas of Digital Economy (DE) research
  • bring together researchers to create an integrated vision for future research, both those already working on DE, and others whose research could directly contribute
  • develop highly creative research ideas.

The Digital Economy Theme has allocated up to £1.5M to fund research arising from the workshop, to be taken up by genuinely novel and transformative approaches.

For more information on the virtual aspects of this workshop, please see the section entitled ‘A Virtual Workshop’ towards the end of the full call document.

Sustainable Society: Achieving work-life balance in a digitally dependent world (PDF 107KB)

Creativity Greenhouse: Sustainable Society – Expression of Interest Form (PDF 198KB)

Equal Opportunities form (PDF 95KB)

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is 12 noon on the 28th May 2012. For more information please visit the call page.

Change to the British Academy Email Alerts

The British Academy has announced that they will be changing the way they manage their bulletin mailings and make bookings for events. If you are already signed up to receive the BA email alerts you will need to register with their new Online Services portal in order to continue receiving updates – and if you are not yet signed up here is a good opportunity to do so!

Please see below for the BA announcement and instructions on how to register with the new system:

We are writing to you as someone who has registered to receive regular email bulletins from the British Academy to let you know of changes we are introducing in 2012.  The Academy has created a new Online Services portal on its website which will be used to manage our bulletin mailings and to allow you to book places for all of our future events which require advance registration. We would therefore like to invite you to register with us now in order to continue to receive our email bulletins and to be able to make bookings for future events through this new system.


Once you have registered, please click on Update Details to register for future bulletins. The new system will enable you, as before, to select different categories of bulletin you wish to receive:

  • Information about grant applications
  • Information about forthcoming events
  • BA monthly newsletter (launching later this year)


Please also note that access for Fellows of the British Academy will be via their existing Fellows-only area password, but registration to receive our bulletins is still required.

If you have difficulty completing the registration process please contact us for assistance. You can email us at

Horticulture and Potato Initiative

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) in collaboration with the Scottish Government and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) invites proposals for its horticulture and potato initiative.

This initiative aims to support industrially relevant, high-quality research projects on potato and edible horticulture crops.

Six key ares where research is necessary to help improve food security have been identified through discussions between the funders and industry. These are:

  • Changing Seasons
  • Crop maturity and spoilage
  • Soil, pests and pathogens
  • Seed quality and vigour
  • Resource use efficiency.

Interdisciplinary approaches are particularly encouraged. All projects must have a minimum of one industry collaborator that is expected to have production, manufacturing or research sites in the UK.

£3.5 million is available to support several projects lasting up to five years. Industry partners are not eligible to receive funding and must cover their own costs for participation in the projects.

To aid the development of successful project ideas the BBSRC will be holding a workshop on 28 February to bring together interested companies and researchers. To register, please visit: (external link)

For more information on the call, and outcomes of the meetings with industry, please visit the BBSRC website.