FP7 Energy: Booking Open for European Information Day on 2013 Calls

The European Commission is organising an information day in Brussels on 4 July, which will cover most of the final thematic funding opportunities relating to energy research under FP7. It will cover the calls within the 2013 Work Programme for the FP7 Energy theme (which is expected to be published in July 2012), as well as various other FP7 calls related to energy. Booking is now open and if you are unable to attend, then the event will be broadcast online. Videos and slides will be available afterwards too. A brokerage event will also be held on the following day, the 5 July.

The following energy-related Calls for Proposals under FP7 are planned to be published on 10 July 2012:

  • FP7-ENERGY-2013-1: a general call focusing on research with a long-term horizon;
  • FP7-ENERGY-2013-2: a general call focusing on research with a short-term horizon and on demonstration;
  • FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013: a call in the framework of the SET-Plan (the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan) Smart Cities and Communities Initiative;
  • FP7-ENERGY-2013-IRP: a call to support integrated research programmes in the energy field;
  • FP7-FISSION-2013: a call focusing on nuclear fission research;
  • FP7-2013-NMP-ENV-ICT-EeB: a cross-thematic call on Energy-efficient Buildings in the context of the EU Recovery Plan;
  • FP7-2013-OCEAN: a cross-thematic call on marine and maritime research including an energy relevant topic; and
  • FP7-ERANET-2013-RTD: a joint call on ERA-NETs (which is a type of project aimed at getting research funders to work more closely).

In addition, calls focusing on Transport and on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will include topics related to smart cities.

The info day will provide information on these calls and on the submission and evaluation procedure. The day will start with an introduction on the political context of the energy theme’s work programme, followed by presentations of the individual calls. A part of the afternoon session will focus on the rules of participation.

Registration is open until 20 June 2012. After submitting your registration, you will see the registration number on your screen. However, your registration will not be valid until you receive the confirmation by e-mail.

To support the building of consortia, the network of the Energy National Contact Points will hold a ‘Partnering Day’ on 5 July.

The 2013 Work Programmes will be the final Work Programmes (and contain the final calls) published under FP7, which finishes in 2013.  Please note that a draft ‘orientation paper’ is already available with details of the likely call topics in the FP7 Energy theme for 2013. This can be downloaded from the Participant Portal.