Research Case Studies at the University of Lincoln

Amplify your research by writing a guest blog post

We’ve added a new category to the blog recently: Case Studies

We’ll be using this to republish press releases and stories written by our Press Office on funded research taking place in the University. Occasionally one of the bloggers here will write a story on a successful grant and we’ll also publish this as a case study. It’s a good way to showcase the range of excellent research taking place at the University and celebrate successful grants and awards.

If you’d like us to publish a case study on your research grant, please let us know. We’re particularly keen to encourage staff to write a guest blog post to share experiences in either writing a bid or carrying out a funded piece of research. This can be a very effective learning tool for others who are just embarking on the journey of writing funding applications for research projects.

It’s also a good way to promote your research to people in other universities and in the non-academic community. This blog gets just under 2,000 unique visits per month (3,000 page views), some of which come from Lincoln but the majority of which are from outside the city. Many of those visitors are from other UK and international universities.

We also work closely with the Press Office to ensure maximum impact for research publicity not just through the University blogs, but also through press releases and local and national media outlets.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in writing a guest blog for us.