EPSRC Announce Cross-Disciplinary Calls

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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has recently announced two calls for research funding designed to stimulate activity which is at the boundary of their remit and that of the Economic and Social Research Council:

Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Research

The objective of this call is to fund a small number of cross-disciplinary packages consisting of research and people-based activities which will develop and strengthen the interfaces between engineering and physical sciences and economic and social sciences. EPSRC are interested in two thematic areas;
  • Quantitative Aspects of Understanding Behaviours
  • Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Up to £6m has been earmarked for this call and the closing date: 12 October 2010 (though you need to register your intention to submit by 10th September 2010).

Quantitative Aspects of Understanding Behaviours

  • new models of social systems
  • understanding behaviours and engineering behavioural change.
  • understanding vs. simulation in decision making
  • Behaviour could include: social relations, social practices, social structures, organisational behaviour, economic behaviour and social institutions

Innovation at the bottom of the pyramid

For example, low income or marginalised groups. This could include:

  • Novel technologies for developing countries or deprived social systems.
  • Disruptive technologies for development
  • Optimisation of cutting edge technology
  • Technical solutions very different from traditional approaches


This call complements a larger strategic activity for EPSRC and applicants are directed to also read the ‘Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Research; Engineering and Physical Sciences and Economic and Social Sciences’ call document. C-DIP recognises the importance of understanding respective disciplines and allowing researchers the time and space to explore new ideas when collaborating across disciplines.

C-DIP therefore wishes to support Discipline Hopping grants between the engineering and physical sciences and economic and social sciences interfaces. We invite applications from established researchers from across the disciplines who wish to explore a new research area and are passionate about cross-disciplinary working.

Up to £1 million has been earmarked for this targeted activity and, subject to the quality of the submissions received, it is anticipated that we will fund approximately 10 proposals. Deadline: 16 September 2010.

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